The Foundation for Beautiful Hair…

June 27th, 2017 by admin

is a healthy scalp!


 No one really enjoys talking about the topic, but it is an important conversation to have with your hairstylist.  Does your scalp need a detox?  Are you a fan of non-wash days and dry shampoo?  Do you hit the gym every day?  Then before you shampoo, apply pramasana purifying scalp cleanser to remove buildup from styling products, sweat, pollution and more.  It’s like a detox for the scalp.



pramasana kit

96% Naturally Derived

Before Pramasana

pramasana before

Build Up/Dry Skin/Excess Sebum


After Pramasana

pramasana after

Free of Buildup/Nourished Skin/Smooth, Exfoliated

Check out the pramasana scalp ritual with the dry brush here

Experience the Pramasana Treatment in salon and get a jump start to a healthier scalp.  The treatment includes a pramasana nourishing scalp masque as well as a moisture treatment. (Think of it as a 40 minute scalp massage) $60

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