Move Towards Balance: Tulasara

July 22nd, 2016 by admin



Who doesn’t need more balance in their life? 

In Sanskrit, Tulasara means moving towards balance, and is inspired by the Ayurvedic approach to healthy, balanced skin.  We have come to realize that an individual’s skin can reflect an imbalance that they are experiencing in their life.

Tulasara works immediately and over time to help accelerate skin’s natural ability to restore itself using blends of precise, potent and advanced ingredients.  Proven formulas, combined with effective skin care techniques and the art of aromaology really sets Tulasara apart from any other skin care.

We are so excited about the arrival of the NEW Tulasara Firm, Calm, and Bright Concentrates.  You can also look forward to the  Tulasara Oleation Oil and Facial Dry Brush.  We can’t wait to share these result-driven products and treatments with you! Please call us to schedule a complementary skin care consultation to see which tulasara products would help you achieve more balance in your life. 423.894.1175

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